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Quality Control

All our products are certified according to the International Standard EN ISO 9001: 2015 2541 / D EUROCERT. But the quality for us is much more than a certification. We believe that the only true quality control comes through the cultivation of interpersonal relationships with all those involved in the production and distribution of our products.

That is why we are in daily contact with both our suppliers and our customers, not just to oversee production or to be informed of sales figures but to work together. Because when the goal is common, the problems must  be common to.

Points Of Sale

Our products are featured in many stores, from expensive delis to small traditional gift shops, while new partners join Greek Horizon’s already multitudinous family every single year.

About us

Greek Horizons which is based in Rethymno, Crete, is a rapidly growing family business specializing in the selection, packaging and distribution of fine Greek products. Our goal is to offer our visitors the delicacies of our country while maintaining our tradition and quality unchanged.

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Traditional Products

We live and work in a world dominated by mass, industrialized production.

This is true not only in the food industry but in almost all industries. However, the extensive use of technology does not always ensure quality. Our experience has shown us that small traditional units can produce products of incomparable quality compared to large industries. And this happens for a very simple reason: no machine, no matter how modern, can replace the passion, art and many years of experience of small producers. And that’s exactly what led us to choose these producers for our partners. This is not a moral choice, but a clear strategic position that brings quality to the forefront, nuclear and non-negotiable element of Greek Horizons.

New products

Sometimes, products that are targeted to travelers are not the real thing. This is not to make anyone proud – or anyone rich for that matter – but it is the truth. And it is the one thing that we set out to undo, when we started Greek Horizons. If you could only have a small taste of a country’s tradition, wouldn’t you want it to be authentic? No doubt. The rule is simple: our guests will have what we have, nothing less and nothing more.

Our products

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