Sometimes, products that are targeted to travelers are not the real thing. This is not to make anyone proud – or anyone rich for that matter – but it is the truth. And it is the one thing that we set out to undo, when we started Greek Horizons. If you could only have a small taste of a country’s tradition, wouldn’t you want it to be authentic? No doubt. The rule is simple: our guests will have what we have, nothing less and nothing more.
That is not to suggest that we shall hide behind famous ancient Greek columns. On the contrary, we invested strongly in modern aesthetics inspired by a modern world. We followed the same design principles throughout our portfolio, so as to reinforce the brand’s coherence and increase its awareness. Our goal was to create a “closed” shelf, unique and highly attractive, both inside and outside; a shelf that functions with maximum autonomy, a point of sale in itself.

We live and work in a world dominated by mass, industrialized production. This is true not only in the food industry but in almost all industries. However, the extensive use of technology does not always ensure quality. Our experience has shown us that small traditional units can produce products of incomparable quality compared to large industries. And this happens for a very simple reason: no machine, no matter how modern, can replace the passion, art and many years of experience of small producers.And that’s exactly what led us to choose these producers for our partners. This is not a moral choice, but a clear strategic position that brings quality to the forefront, nuclear and non-negotiable element of Greek Horizons.

We followed the same design principles in all our packaging. In this way, we strengthen the cohesion of the brand and increase its recognizability. Our ultimate goal is to create a complete and attractive shelf, inside and out. A shelf that works with the greatest possible autonomy, as a point of sale on its own.


There are many who believe that competitiveness and market success come at an attractive price. This is a misconception, since the price is never evaluated alone, but in absolute relation to factors such as brand strength, demand intensity, quality, placement, etc.At Greek Horizons we build with duration and consistency every element of the brand, in order to create the best mix. That is, the mixture that ensures the maximum possible value for the consumer and at the same time the maximum possible benefit for our partners.